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Porcelain Pear Salt and Pepper with Pewter Leaf

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Invite dinner guests to season their portions for individual palates with these Vagabond House pear-shaped salt and pepper shakers. The porcelain set matches many table settings, and fine holes in each help you get the right amount of seasoning onto food. Each shaker measures approximately 2.5 x 2.5 inches, and they're 3.75 inches tall, so they're big enough to stand out without stealing center stage from your table decor. The pewter leaves on top of the shakers add a natural, elegant touch, making this set appropriate for both casual or fine dining situations. Pair these Vagabond House salt and pepper shakers with fruit-inspired dinner dishes for a themed dinner set, or match them with plain white dishes as a fun, sophisticated accessory.

Size: 2.5''L x 2.5''W x 3.75''T
Care: Hand wash recommended. If placed in a dishwasher please use low heat and a mild soap.