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Octopus Pewter Stem Champagne Flute

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Vagabond House's Octopus pewter stemmed Champagne Flutes take inspiration from a 17th Century Italian tale in which an octopus rings the church bells in order to save a village from marauding pirates. A style mélange, they feature a fierce "kraken" style octopus lifting a mighty anchor while balancing the delicate glass flute.

Vagabond House champagne flutes are designed with a tall, narrow bowl, preserving temperature and carbonation, while the smooth glass reduces nucleation. An exclusively Vagabond House bonus, the glass flutes of our champagne glasses are replaceable, allowing our beautiful artisan stem ware to serve forever.
We also recommend our flutes for serving Belgian Lambic, gueuze or any fine wild yeast beer where the carbonation is an important detail of truly experiencing the libation.

Size: 9.5" H 7.25 oz.
Care: Hand wash recommended. If placed in a dishwasher please use low heat and a mild soap.