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Pewter Octopus Handle Magnifier 4 inches

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Bring out your love of the ocean and beach with this pewter Vagabond House octopus magnifier that will help you read recipes, newspapers and books while lounging comfortably at home. The 4-inch magnifying glass enlarges images and words without being bulky, and the entire 8-inch length is small enough to fit inside a beach bag when you want to get some sun. The handle is big enough for a tight grip so the magnifier won’t slip from your hands. Be careful grabbing that handle, though, because a wily octopus has wrapped itself around it to become one with the magnifier. The handle and octopus are made from intricately carved, high-quality pewter and features detailed accents such as the tiny suction cups on the many twisty legs.

Size: 8''L x 4''W x 1''T
Care: Hand wash in warm water, use mild non-acidic soap. Rinse, dry completely.