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Golf Club Tongs

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Introducing the Pewter Golf Club Tongs - a stylish and functional serving accessory that is perfect for any golf enthusiast. These tongs feature a classic golf club design with a pewter finish, adding a unique touch of sophistication to your serving collection. The tongs themselves are made from high-quality pewter, making them durable and easy to clean. The golf club design adds a touch of personality to your serving collection. Measuring approximately 11 inches in length, the Pewter Golf Club Tongs are perfect for serving bread, salad, or other small items at your next gathering. The raised edges of the tongs keep items securely in place, while the golf club design makes it easy to handle and adds a touch of personality to your serving collection. Whether you're hosting a golf-themed party or simply looking for a unique way to serve your guests, these tongs are sure to impress. Upgrade your serving collection with the Pewter Golf Club Tongs and their beautiful golf club design. These tongs are perfect for any occasion, from formal dinner parties to casual get-togethers with friends. Their timeless design and fine craftsmanship make them a must-have for any golf enthusiast or anyone who appreciates unique and beautiful serving accessories.

Size: 11 Inches Long