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Entwined Oak Pewter Stem Champagne Flute

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Vagabond House's Entwined Oak Branch Pewter Stemmed Champagne Flutes are crafted from pure Vagabond House pewter and hand-finished. A weighted round base supports the high quality pewter stem; a figural of entwined branches of a mighty oak rising up to support the clear glass wine bowl in a bower of leaves and branches.

Vagabond House's champagne flutes are designed to please the most discerning connoisseurs of the sparkling delight. A tall, narrow bowl preserves temperature and carbonation, while the smooth glass reduces the nucleation of the vintage.
We also recommend our flutes for serving Belgian Lambic, gueuze or any fine wild yeast beer where the carbonation is an important detail of truly experiencing the libation. Additionally, as a functional and exclusively Vagabond House feature, the glass flutes of our champagne glasses are replaceable, allowing our beautiful artisan stem ware to serve in your home for a life time.

Size: 10.5" H 7.25 oz.
Care: Hand wash recommend - if placing in the dishwasher use low heat and non acidic detergent