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Hand Woven Wicker Rattan Champagne / Ice Tub

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The perfect addition to your home bar or entertaining space. Measuring 11 inches tall and 13 inches across, this champagne tub is expertly crafted from hand woven rattan material, making it both natural and durable. The intricate weaving technique used in the making of this champagne tub results in a unique and beautiful texture that is sure to impress your guests. Not only is the rattan material visually appealing, but it also provides a sturdy base for your chilled champagne bottles. To ensure the longevity of your champagne tub, we've included an acrylic removable insert that makes cleaning and maintaining it a breeze. The insert helps to protect the rattan material from any spills or moisture, making this champagne tub a reliable and long-lasting addition to your home. Whether you're hosting a dinner party or a special celebration, our Hand Woven Rattan Champagne Tub is the perfect way to keep your champagne chilled and ready to serve. Add a touch of natural elegance to your entertaining space with this beautifully crafted champagne tub.

Size: 11 Inches Tall x 13 Inches Across
Care: Hand wash in warm water, use mild, non-acidic soap. Rinse and let dry completely