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Anchor Hand Woven Wicker Rattan Champagne / Ice Bucket

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Introducing our Anchor Hand Woven Rattan Wine Bucket, the perfect addition to any party or event. This stunning wine bucket is expertly crafted from high-quality rattan, which is hand-woven to create a sturdy and durable base. The highlight of this wine bucket is the gleaming pewter anchor accent, which lends a sense of stability and steadfastness to any gathering. Anchors, traditionally symbols of hope, security, and steadfastness, make this wine bucket an ideal addition to any event where a sense of grounding and trust is cherished. This emblematic feature enhances the bucket's appeal, making it a perfect choice for parties where guests are invited to relax and feel at ease in a secure and welcoming environment. Not only is this wine bucket stylish and elegant, but it is also functional and versatile. The use of sustainable materials ensures that the wine bucket is not only beautiful but also kind to the environment. The hand-woven rattan creates a non-slip surface for easy carrying, and the removable acrylic insert makes for easy cleaning. Measuring at a generous 9.5 inches in diameter, this wine bucket is perfect for holding and chilling your favorite bottle of wine. The removable acrylic insert ensures that your wine stays chilled and easily accessible for your guests.

Size: 10 Inches Tall x 9.5 Inches Diameter
Care: Hand wash in warm water, use mild non-acidic soap. Rinse, dry completely. Do not use dishwasher