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Anchor Hand Woven Wicker Natural Rattan Serving Bowl

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Introducing our exquisite Anchor Hand Woven Rattan Serving Bowl, a stylish and versatile addition to your dining table or kitchen countertop. This elegant serving bowl is perfect for showcasing your favorite salads, fruits, or snacks, making it a statement piece for your home. The serving bowl features a high-quality, removable glass bowl nestled within a beautifully hand-woven rattan holder. The rattan's natural, earthy tones lend a warm and inviting touch to your table setting, while the sturdy construction ensures durability and long-lasting use. The removable glass bowl makes cleaning a breeze and allows for versatility in serving both hot and cold dishes. The highlight of this serving bowl is the stunning, large pewter anchor adorning the side of the rattan holder. This intricately crafted anchor is not just a decorative element; it symbolizes stability, strength, and a deep connection to the ocean, enhancing the coastal flair of your service. This captivating detail is bound to impress your guests and stimulate engaging conversations.

Size: 10.5" Diameter