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Renaissance Cross

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The cross is the holy symbol of the Catholic and Protestant Christian faiths, often given as a gift at baptisms and at the conclusion of confirmation classes. This aluminum alloy renaissance cross from Arthur Court celebrates a period of vibrancy and renewal, a time when all of Europe was alive with learning and faith. The fleur-de-lis symbol represents the three natures of God, including the father, son and holy spirit, while surrounding flourishes are reminiscent of period artwork. This commemorative decoration is evocative of another era and, given as a gift, it becomes a profound and lasting symbol you can pass down through the family. A three-tiered pedestal further entrenches this piece in history and symbolism and provides a base to display this Arthur Court renaissance cross on your mantel, shelf or table top.

Flourishing motifs accent fleur-de-lis symbols at the head of each point on the cross, while a circular ring forms around the busy design. The handmade, aluminum piece stands atop a three-tiered pedestal, which is also patterned with sophisticated designs.

Size: W: 5.25" / H: 7.75"
Care: Dry dust. If needed, hand wash in warm water, use mild non-acidic soap. Rinse, dry completely.