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Hopping Bunny Wood Tray

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Four hopping pewter bunnies appear to be racing around the edge of Vagabond House’s lovely Hopping Bunny Wood Tray. Surprise! The racing rabbits form handles for this large, golden toned acacia serving tray. Each rabbit figure is exquisitely detailed in the distinctive, realistic style of Vagabond House’s master pewter artists. This unique, hard wood tray is at your service for breads, crudité’s, charcuterie, and perfect for a cheese flight for a crowd.

An entire family of adventurous bunny rabbits can be found embellishing products in Vagabond House’s Garden Friends Collection. We think they are the most delightful and whimsical of creatures and always bring smiles of delight when they decorate your tables and home.

Size: 19.75" L / 15.5" W / 2" T
Care: Hand wash in warm water, use mild, non-acidic soap. Rinse and let dry completely