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Equestrian Pitcher Set

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Each piece is made from handcrafted aluminum with intricate details that catch the eye. A removable cork sits at the bottom of the base to provide extra traction for the pitcher so it won’t scrape against the metal or slip from the base when the glass sweats. At 1.25 quarts, this dishwasher-safe glass pitcher holds enough liquid and ice for multiple drinks.

Interlocking bits encircle the pitcher's handmade, aluminum base, which also comes with a removable cork. Another half-piece bit attaches to the ladle's long handle, forming a sturdy grip above the glass for stirring. Create favorite drink mixes for parties or evening cocktails in this Arthur Court equestrian pitcher set. Horse lovers will admire the decorative base adorned with interlocking horse bits that comfortably and safely hold the glass pitcher in place when mixing. The included ladle features a half-piece horse bit at the end that provides a sturdy grip so it won’t slip from fingers when stirring. The ladle is long enough to reach the bottom of the pitcher so ingredients are fully mixed.

Size: 1.25 qts, pitcher 8-1/2 "H x 4-1/2" dia.
Care: Wash aluminum by hand with mild dish soap and dry immediately. Glass pitcher is dishwasher safe.