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Classic Pewter & Glass Wine Decanter

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Inspired by American colonial design, our classic wine decanter is elegantly spare in decoration allowing the beauty of your vintage to be the star of your wine service.

The traditional teardrop shaped glass decanter rests on a graceful, weighted pewter base. Simply tooled pewter embellishments are functional and finish with a finial knob. Deliberately unadorned, Vagabond House's Classic Pewter Collection is inspired by vintage pewter goods from both the old world and the new. Crafted following our belief that the basis of true luxury goods is a myriad of details, some so refined they cannot be seen, our Classic Collection pieces are destined to become heirlooms. While the world of wine experts is divided over decantation, we find there are times when we simply enjoy the tradition of serving a decanted vintage.

Size: 12" H / 32 Ounces
Care: Hand wash recommend - if placing in the dishwasher use low heat and non acidic detergent

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