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Carmel Ice Bucket

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Chill a celebratory bottle of wine or champagne in this Arthur Court Carmel ice bucket until the party gets started. This elegant container is handcrafted of lustrous aluminum alloy and molded into a wavy-edged design reminiscent of the peaceful waves that define the magical village of Carmel-by-the-Sea, a motif that will draw guests to your buffet spread and nourish conversation. When filled with ice chips or cubes, a standard bottle of bubbly fits neatly into this 9-inch-diameter, 8-inch-tall ice bucket. When not in service as an ice holder, use this artistic vessel to display floral arrangements or to add interest to a shelf of books or objects d'art in a living area. Clean by handwashing with mild dish soap, then dry immediately to prevent spotting.

Arthur Court’s wavy edged Carmel Collection is California inspired by the fairy tale village of Carmel-by-the Sea. Nestled into the rolling hills where California’s central coast meets the gentle waves of the Pacific, the magical hamlet is filled with storybook cottages wearing roofs that swoop and roll, echoing the undulating waves of the sea.

9" Diameter 8" Tall