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Butterfly Stoneware Tray X-Large

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Big, bold and beautiful pewter butterflies form the handles at each end of Vagabond House’s Extra Large Butterfly Stoneware Tray. The hand-cast butterflies showcase the intricate detailing our pewter masters can coax from the silvery metal. The Butterfly handles decorate an oversized, oval fine stoneware tray. Each tray is double-glazed by hand and twice fired for a luminous white finish.

Beautiful butterflies have joined the gang in Vagabond House’s Garden Friends Collection. Adding winged wonder to a variety of table and decorative products, they bring the essence of sunshine and outdoor celebrations to any occasion.

Size: 22"L / 13"W / 3.75"T
Care: Stoneware with Pewter knob hand wash recommended - base is dishwasher safe