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Arche of Bee Oval Cheese Tray

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A hive of detailed honeybees gather on what must be the sweetest flowers and become the handles of Vagabond House’s Arche of Bees Oval Cheese Board. Well known for their ability to transform pewter into life-like art, the designers have made sure every bee is intricately detailed. The cool, silvery pewter bees contrast with the warm golden tones of the hard wood acacia cheese board adding to the beauty of this unique tray.

Honey is a traditional complementing condiment for cheese, choose a few kinds honey to match your cheese selections, serve on this artistic cheese board, your guests will be enchanted.

Size: 22"L / 12"W / 2.5"T
Care: Hand wash with mild dish soap, dry immediately - DO NOT put in dishwasher. Use mineral oil once a year