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Oyster Catchall

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Arthur Court's sand-cast aluminum alloy is the perfect material for this Oyster shaped Catch-All Tray. The shiny luster of the tray mimics the inside of a real oyster to reflect the pretty objects you display on the tray or enhance the little treat tidbit

As unique as the shell fish that inspired it's design, our Oyster Catch-All Tray is hand-crafted in Arthur Court's signature aluminum alloy. The design of an open oyster shell has plenty of room to hold glasses, keys or jewelry wherever you decide to display the tray. You can also serve tasty bites on it if you desire. We like it to hold extra picks on our seafood buffet table.

Size: 6"L / 10"W / 1"T
Care: Wash by hand with mild dish soap and dry immediately; do not put in dishwasher.